Belay Glasses Model 2


Belay glasses LePirate M2
31,71 €

25,88 €

Belay glasses Model 2 design, with Improved vertical viewing angle gives greater vision of the environment.

Sturdy, light and flexible polyacetate frame with high quality prisms

All cases come with carabiner, cord and cloth included

No shipping costs

Delivery in two weeks

135 mm width

1. See exception to shipping times here

We are very proud of the improvements included in our climbing belay glasses:


  • Lighter: Its weight of 42 grams makes them comfortable and easy to transport in multipich climbs too.
  • Better vertical vision: The frame of the LePirate glasses has been redesigned in order to improve the angle of vision. Now your head will remain in a relaxed position even when your partner is in love with overhangs.
  • Better vision of your environment: We have eliminated the upper frame of the spectacle to ensure that you can see well what happens around you and not only what the climber does.

All the glasses are shipped accompanied by:

  • Case with a mosqueton, to be able to transport them in your harness
  • Cloth bag
  • Cloth
  • Cord with adjustable tank.